The Benchmark range

There are loads of great ciders around but sometimes they can get a bit hairy chested, maybe too dry, too much tannin or just too much like that scrumpy my Granddad used to make. With our Benchmark range we have worked closely with renown Somerset cider maker David Sheppy to create three top notch craft-produced gems that are easy drinking and create a sort of standard or a level of expectation for our ciders.

Harry Masters Jersey - 4.5%

As the name suggests, our 4.5% blend is based on the Harry Master’s Jersey apples sourced straight from the farm in Somerset. Towards the sweeter end of the scale, with enough character to be different but not too challenging.


Bristol Draught - 5.5%

Blended using the finest Somerset apples for a rounded flavour with a light sparkle.  Made in Taunton cider using traditional craft methods perfected over 200 years of cidermaking. 


SixPointSix - 6.6%

A rich full bodied blend of vintage apples, aged in oak vats at 6.6% abv for a more complex, challenging flavour.